Kurse te ofruara nga Akademia e Hages

Ne vijim, ju percjellim informacionin e ofruar si mundesi per te qene pjese e Kurseve te Ofruara nga Akademia e Hages, si dhe bursat qe ofrohen per keto kurse:

Afatet per te aplikuar per burse i keni ne linkun si vijon, ndersa kurset me poshte:


Kurset e ofruara me afat 7 mars 2020 me info dhe link si vijon per detaje:


The Hague Academy is pleased to announce that Nuffic Scholarships applications are now open for four open courses scheduled for the second half of 2020! Please consider sharing this news with your contacts and other organisations or local offices that may find this scholarship opportunity relevant.

The Hague Academy specialises in practice-oriented training programmes for professionals involved in inclusive and sustainable development at the local level. Our courses combine theory and practice that result in greater awareness, inspiration, enhanced reflection and result-oriented action plans for the participant’s work back home.

Nuffic Scholarships seek to develop and advance knowledge and skills of professionals by offering funding for training programmes in The Netherlands. The Nuffic Scholarships programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Courses eligible for scholarships!

Multilevel Water Governance (7 – 18 September 2020):

This course explores the building blocks of water governance: administrative, planning, financial, legal, stakeholder & cooperation through international best practices and study visits.
Local Economic Development (21 September – 2 October 2020):

This course discusses how local authorities, together with stakeholders, can develop strategies for inclusive and sustainable economic development and promote a conducive business environment.
Conflict, Rule of Law and Local Security (26 October – 6 November 2020):

This course discusses the role of national and local actors in increasing state legitimacy, restoring basic services, and promoting social cohesion and human security in post-conflict settings.
Gender Responsive Governance (16 – 27 November 2020):

This course explores the what, why and how of gender responsive governance for transformative change by focusing on gender mainstreaming and equitable service delivery at the local level.